garlic mushroom chicken bites

low carb garlic mushroom chicken bites is the easiest dinner to throw together! do it all in one skillet and let the flavours blow your mind!

Mushroom Chicken Bites seared and cooked in buttery pan juices filled with herbs and spices, you will LOVE this new easy dinner recipe! All you need is one pan, a wooden spoon and a stove top. DONE.

chicken bites
Normally, when you think of chicken bites, you think of chicken nuggets or bite-sized pieces of crumbed chicken. With this recipe, we have kept it ALLLL low carb and replaced breadcrumbs with ALL THE FLAVOURS! The best part? The mushrooms release their juices into the pan to mix with the chicken juices, butter, garlic and seasonings. Mushroom Chicken Bites = Y.U.M!

how long do you cook cubed chicken?
The recipe calls for 1-inch bite-sized pieces. For this reason, they only needy to be cooked in a hot pan for 5-6 minutes, or until they are browned all over and just cooked through! If your pan isn’t large enough, cook them in two batches to:

Avoid overcrowding the pan
Prevent boiling the chicken bites
Get a nice, golden sear all over
Once the rest of the ingredients have been cooked, those golden chicken bites get added back into the pan to warm through and continue cooking until its all done!

what do you eat with chicken bites?
That’s the beauty of this recipe. It already comes fully loaded with ALL the good stuff! Mushrooms, bell peppers, shallots, SO MUCH FOOD. You can serve over cauliflower rice to keep it low carb, or go for gold with plain rice or egg noddles. Pile spoonfuls of mushroom chicken bites onto toasted garlic bread for the ultimate snack.